AM Television’s “Sarbagunakar Srimanta Sankardeva” re-leasing on Bihu.

The Movie
The Movie

Guwahati/ 12th April’ 2017 (Prag News Desk): Taking a big cultural leap, Assam’s first animated biopic “Sarbagunakar Srimanta Sankardeva” will be re-leased on 14th of April’2017 at Gold Cinemas in Guwahati.

The movie expresses it’s gratitude to the 550 years old cultural and classical legacy of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev by showing the instances of history. Animation movie is very challenging to make and release in India however award-winning director Manju Borah took it as a new delve of creativity and her innate incline towards the indigenous cultural history of Assam.
This ambitious project was given birth, supported to Sanjive Narain (AM Television) who produced the movie. “Sarbagunakar Srimanta Sankardeva”was released last year on 11th November last year.

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