China accuses the Central for allowing Dalai Lama against the border commitment.


Guwahati/ 13th April’2017 (Prag News Desk): China had been consistently warning India for grave consequences post visit of the Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama. Accusing the Central government for not guarding the commitment on the “disputed region” of Arunachal Pradesh, China stated for “negative impact” on the bi-lateral relationships with India.

China slammed India for disregarding the territorial sovereignty of her neighbor and also, expressed extreme displeasure on the comments made by Arunachal Pradesh CM Pema Khandu that India shares it’s territory only with Tibet and not with China.
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang stated that despite China’s objection on Dalai Lama’s visit, India arranged the visit to the disputed areas of Eastern section of China-India border, also the “provocative” statements fueled for religious visit.

Now, at this point China wants an explanation as India seemingly have violated China’s territorial sentiments and is now eyeing for consequence- lesser pleasant for the same.

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  1. অসমৰ আটাইবোৰ বৈদ্যুতনী মাধ্যমৰ ভিতৰত…
    প্ৰাগ নিউজেই এতিয়া নিৰপেক্ষ সংবাদ মাধ্যম বুলি ধাৰণা হয় মোৰ।
    ভূলটোক ভূল আৰু ভালটোক ভাল কোৱাৰ সাহসিকতা প্ৰদৰ্শন কৰিছে…
    প্ৰাগ নিউজ।
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    ধন্যবাদ প্ৰাগ নিউজ॥

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