Archer Gohela Boro sees the lights of the day after six months.

Goihela Boro

Guwahati/ 24th April’2017(Prag News): The heart-rending story of Gohela Boro, gold medalist for India in archery was bed-ridden ever since she was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.

Gohela Boro
Gohela Boro

But as the saying goes that life inspires those who inspires themselves, after the intervention of the State Government, archer Gohela Boro was sent to AIIMS Delhi for treatment. Today, indicating a fast recovery, Gohela stepped out and took a walk after six months.

On a path of recovery, the state and story of National level archer Gohela Boro shook the entire state and her recovery today is a success story of the social media platform that brought her story to public eye.

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