Chakka bandh in Assam cripples regular routines in the State.


Guwahati/ 25th of April’2017 (Prag News Desk): Standing for the introduction of new transportation amendments in the state. The Motor Transport Association in Assam has called in for an all-Assam chakka bandh on 25th April’2017.

The chakka-bandh is also widely supported by Asom Petroleum Mazdoor union, All India Road Transport Worker’s Federation, All Assam Motor Shramik Federation and Sodou Asom Motor Shramik Federaton.

The bandh is called in as a state-wide protest against the Road Transport and Safety Bill 2015 by the Centre which is stated to be against the interests of the workers.
This protest also an expression of disobedience to the unlikely and unexplained increase in the cost of insurance premium of vehicles in India.

The bandh is religiously executed with reports of local and state transportation coming to an unlikely halt in Assam and continued so.

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