The population census in the State introduced way before the Britishers advent.


Guwahati/1st of May’2017 (Prag News Desk): The Ahom Swargadeos initiated the systems of population census and land survey in Assam, much before the advent of Britishers.
Dated six centuries ago, these systems was a meticulous format that numbered population on the basis of region, communities, socioeconomic life of the people.

As going against the generalization that population census was a concept implemented in India since 1881, the Ahom officials ran a system that traced down census of households to the Ahom rank holders (paiks) in well-organized categories.
These categories were: Debottar, Brahmottar, Dharmottar, Mokani (allotted to the Dargahs) and the land allotted to the paiks and officers.

Backed by the observational researches carries out by Prof. I S Murtaza, Gauhati University who stated that although few of the initial records are not available but the the mentions of the census by the Ahoms are prominent in buranjis with records including the census made by Swargadeo Shiva Singha in the early 18th century are available. 

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