Priyanka’s remuneration yet to be decided for Assam Tourism


Guwahati/ 10th May’2017 (Prag News Desk): As 2.37 crores had been spent during the last visit of Global star Priyanka Chopra, brand ambassador for Assam Tourism and the remuneration is yet to be decided by the State.
The Assam treasury have been cutting down a major financial cut-down with  Rs. 8.10 lakhs spent on food and accomodation at Hotel Radisson Blu. Rs. 6.48 lakhs spent on Team assisting the star. Team Priyanka’s related travel expenses: Rs. 22.70 lakhs,  accommodation expenses for around Rs. 1.77 lakhs of the team. Team Priyanka’s travel expenses in Guwahati: Rs. 2.61 lakhs.
An Advance payment to Priyanka’s film production company ‘Purple Pebble’: Rs. 1.69 crores.

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