“Politics in the Municipal Corporation ruining chances for stray to survive”- JBF


Guwahati/15th June’2017(Prag News Desk): Dog-menace has been a consistent occurrence in Jorhat and of late the disbalance between the Jorhat authorities and JBF has came to notice.
In a recent press release by Just Be Friendly, it has expressed displeasure in inactiveness and delayed operations of the Jorhat Municipal Corporation.

Our sources had an exclusive talk with Himali Nailwal,Communication Specialist who shared an incident, “Recently, in Jorhat a dog created nuisance at the Jorhat Engineering College by randomly biting people. The incident is an eye-opener as Anti-rabies vaccination is very essential to keep stray dogs safe from infection.
It shows ignorance by the Jorhat authorities and also by us for failing to impart Anti Rabies Vaccination for the strays in turn is beneficial for us.”   

“It is  also to be mentioned that the Jorhat Municipal Corporation provided us with a centre dedicated to vaccination, and population control but due to politics in the municipal corporation, the centre was closed in 2015.”- she added.

She also stressed on the necessity of educating the people of North East about the importance of  Animal Birth Control & Animal Rabies Vaccination (ABC & ARV). Here, JBF urges for support from the local and state operational authorities.

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