Tiger count rises from 83 to 104 in 3 years in Kaziranga.


Guwahati/ 16th June’2017 (Prag News Desk):  According to the latest census, there are 104 tigers in the Kaziranga National Park and Burachapori, about 250 km from here. In 2014, there were 83 in the national park.

Recently, 95 adult tigers are reported in Kaziranga National Park. Here, two adult tigers and their cubs were found in Burachapori. With 104 tigers, the big cat density in Kaziranga has been found to be 21 tigers per 100 sq km.

“In 2014, the maximum range for the tiger population in Kaziranga was 116. This time, the maximum range is 117”-Kaziranga field director Satyendra Singh said.

He also mentioned that there is no significant rise in population,but it is constant. However, it indicates that the tiger habitat is intact and healthy and the thriving tiger population points to the fact that there is a healthy prey base for the big cats.

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