Deplorable condition of NH-37, Dimoria turns into a waste dumping ground.


Guwahati/17th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): The woe of NH-37 continues as due to the negligence of the concerned authorities, the National Highway-37 has become a dumping ground for some people.

As sources confided, tons of garbage is dumped along the sides of NH-37 at Dimoria between Jorabat and Sonapur. Incidentally, it is an ecotourism-friendly area, where people from Guwahati city often travel to on weekends. As the dumping of waste continues under the vigilant nose of the authorities, the action is gradually tarnishing the image of what exists as a place of scenic tranquility.

Also, it has been noticed that even after extensive media coverage on the issue, dumping of toxic and unhygienic waste material from both within and outside of the city still sadly continues.

Recently, Chief adviser to Dimoria AASU unit Dibyajyoti Medhi said the Sonapur Circle Officer is notified time and again to take legal action against those dumping garbage but the wait continues, much to the plight of the once scenic NH-37, he added.

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