Centre to develop border areas of Assam to her neighbors.


Guwahati/19th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): The Government of India visions that the governments of the states must protect the international border that plays a crucial role in border management.  At the moment, forces are recruited and deployed but is not adequate to deal with the situation.

The Centre feels the necessity that the people living along the international border areas must involved and contribute in border management, a vision that can only be amended when the border areas adjoining Assam are developed.

It is to be mentioned here that the Government of India is likely to confer extended support to the states having international border for the development of the border areas.

Incidentally, the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has already started a series of meetings with the governments of the states having international border to deliberate uopn the border issues and address the participatory states for the development of the borders.

In a recent meeting held by Union Home Minister with the governments of four states having international border with Myanmar in Aizawl called upon the states to pace up development along the border.
He also urged the states to improve road communication, health care facilities, education facilities in the bordering areas.

He also stated that the number of police stations and outposts near the international border areas should be increased alongwith the strength of the police force in the bordering areas with Myanmar.
Myanmar at the moment have been reported of movement of militants from their bases in the neighbouring country and because of lack of adequate police presence thus intensifying police forces ath the borders will ensure the safety of the border and its dwellers.

The Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs headed by the Prime Minister recommends border area development that also suggested replacement of the Assam Rifles with the Indo-Tibetan Border Police along the border with Myanmar.

With the funds that the Centre has been providing to improve international border under the Border Areas Development Programme, the balls lies at the states’ court of how the utilization is done that ensures infrastructure and overall improvement at the borders.

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