Dredging won’t impact aquatic biodiversity of Brahmaputra.


Guwahati/ 19th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): After the proposed bid to excavate the silted bed of the Brahmaputra and construct two expressways on the both banks using the excavated silt. Leading hydro-biology expert of the State, Prof SP Biswas back the same stating that dredging will explore the Brahmaputra bed deep enough for the purpose of enhancing its water holding capacity and it will have no adverse impact on the aquatic biodiversity of the Brahmaputra river system.

However, he stated that the construction of embankments or expressways on both sides of the river should be done in such a way that connectivity of the river with other channels and natural wetlands is not tampered.

The professor also cited an example of  dredging on Kushiyara in Bangladesh that later restored the river. The Brahmaputra river is a prominent habitat of the Gangetic dolphin and other large fish species and removing silt will not affect the organisms or productivity of the mighty Brahmaputra, he added.



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