Inadequate donors leads to blood racketeering in GMCH.

Blood syndicate

Guwahati/19th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): The inadequacy of voluntary blood doners in the Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) has led to a mafia of blood racketeers. It is ironic that people observe world blood donor day annually yet the insufficiency of donors in the city exist and rackets have came to existence.

Compared to other states of the country, voluntary blood donation in Guwahati is comparably low. There is a ardent need for voluntary blood donation in the city.  At present, 68 licensed blood banks are functioning in Assam out of which 26 are NACO-supported. In the year 2016-17, Assam was able to collect 2,12,256 units of blood against the target of 2,20,000 units of which 1,17,261 units were collected through voluntary blood donation.
Now, the racketeers run a direct function where the blood-hustlers deal with the patient or their attendants outside without taking any consent from the authorities. Alarmingly, this trend has been picked by the youths of Assam irrespective of their societal status. There are cases where blood is hustled just to have money to go partying. The exchange of money is extremely easy as the ailing patients or the attendent does not think of money.

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