Cholera claims over 1,146 lives in Yemen


Guwahati/ 20th June’2017 (Prag International Desk): Over 1,146 lives claims Cholera since April 27 in Yemen said the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Tuesday.

1,146 deaths and 166,976 cases suspected have been reported from 20 of the country’s 23 governorates WHO said.

Last month, WHO suspected over 300,000 cases, could reach in the next six months.

Health care system in Yemen falls down as many hospitals have shut down for ongoing conflict. They are facing storage of supplies and staff.

Around 19 million people need humanitarian and protection aid among the two-thirds of the total population.

According to humanitarian agencies, more than 10,000 people killed so far in the war, half of them are civilians and displaced over two million.

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