Jihadis meandering around in Assam Villages.


Guwahati/ 26th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): Members of Muslim Communal League JMD are suspected to be sheltering in the villages of Assam.
In an exclusive interview with a correspondent of Prag News, the ULFA general secretary Anup Chetia shared his experience in Bangladesh jail. He said that during his stay in the jail , he met the chief  of JDM and being an inmate he used to  interact with the chief about various issues  inside the jail premises.

According to him, the chief showed interest in sheltering the ULFA cadres in the minority dominated villages of the state. His proposal to the ULFA General Secretary is a clear indicator of the strong hold of Jihadists in the villages of the state. Adding to that,  the ULFA General Secretary told our correspondent about his appeal to the Chief Minister of the state to release the 6 ULFA and NDFB cadres  from Bangladesh jail , who were arrested in the borders of Assam and Meghalaya and how with the help of Indian Government the 6 cadres were successfully shifted to India.

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