‘Lady in Jainsem’- A sorry tale that demands respect and now!


Guwahati/27th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): Uproar that has followed the sorry tale of the lady in Jainsem. Alleged misconduct by the members of the Delhi Golf Club against the Khasi lady hailing from Meghalaya for defying the prescribed ‘dress-code’ and wore a ‘Jainsem’ to the venue.

However on being asked the members stated a figurative “maids not allowed” while justifying their acts. A statement that has invited even more displeasure across the country.

Meanwhile in the State,  this act is stated to be, ‘a direct insult on the Khasi community’. However, others were of the view that this incident necessarily doesn’t account racial discrimination as its an act of etiquette amidst the elite class, butusing words like ‘Nepali’ and ‘Maid’ are derogatory which calls for an ‘apology’.

Tailin Lyngdoh, the Khasi lady was asked to leave a venue in Delhi for wearing a ‘Jainsem’ and justified their acts by saying the attire made her look like a ‘Maid’.

The incident as narrated by As per Nivedita Barthakur, an entrepreneur from Northeast India and Honorary Advisor, Health, Government of Assam with whom Lyngdoh was working as a governess for her son.
The Manager of Delhi Golf Club identified as Ajit Pal and a lady, Sumita Thakur, approached Tailin and reportedly asked her to leave the table, as remarked “maids were not allowed”.
When Nivedita Barthakur questioned them, they responded by saying that she looked like a maid, a “Nepali” that had created the confusion.

Incidentally, Section 153C and Section 509 was to be legislated in order to resolve the vices of racism in India. Under the Act, any act of on offensive behaviour towards race, culture, customs or practices and origin is a non-bailable offence with a jail sentence of five years.
However, as it may seem there is not parameter for a racist remark but an apology awaits the “Lady in Jainsem”.


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