“Pets are not playtoys, they are living being just like us”- Just Be Friendly


Guwahati/ 28th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): Abandoned pets is a national ailment, as these abandoned souls often die surviving.
Just Be Friendly recently released a campaign ‘Responsible pet keepers’ which accords abandoned pets and educates owners to take care of their pets.

JBF shares with us the grave instances of poor pet keeping, some owners underfed the pets leading them to malnutrition, while some chain their pets outside in unbearable heat or rain and the worst these owners sometime travel with their pet chained inside the house.

This campaign wants to draw the realization of owners and educate them about pet-keeping and domestication habits.
A positive impact means awareness that will in turn protect man’s best friend.

JBF also mentioned in the release that recently, 5 dogs were abandoned at Zoo Road,Guwahati. They were left alone in the premises with no water and food.
The case was reported and JPF made an immediate rescue, initiating ‘Responsible pet keepers’.


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