“Ban cow smuggling in the State”- Rasthriya Gau Raksha Vahini


Guwahati/ 30th June’2017: A new literal organisation Rasthriya Gau Raksha Vahini came in the time of beef-ban controversy in the State. The RGRV held a round-table conference at the Hotel Barak Residency, Dispur in collaboration with Presidentship Assam Pradesh President, Babaruddin Ali Ahmed to urge the people of the State to cease practice of illegal cow and beef smuggling to neighboring states.

Since, the BJP-led Assam Government has decided to shut down illegal meat and fish shops in Guwahati, the biggest such market in the North East region.

Backing the vision, the RGRV will run a membership drive in several districts of Assam propagating beef ban. This membership drive is to urge people to protect the cow population and cease illegal smuggling of the same.

The membership drive will start from new Goushala to all over Assam.

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