Mc. Donald’s outlets shutting down


Guwahati/ 30th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): With the news of the shutting down of one of the world’s largest food chain Mc. Donald’s, lots of questions have arise in the minds of its fans.
While the pricing of the worldwide food chain made us convenient is the food, is provides really good for our wellbeing? What will be it’s effects on our health in the long run. Yes, the foods that are served in Mc. Donald’s are merely junk food with its ingredients made out of processed items, which are really harmful to the health.

Moreover the dough it uses to make its breads is half of the dough generally used in making the buns of other food chains at the same price. As a result the buns fail to fulfill the purpose of a filling meal.

The market of Mc. Donald have gone down since its entry in the Indian market in 1996.One of the major reason behind its loss is the arrival of other worldwide food chains in the country.

Limited fund infusion, slow pace of expansion and a great internal clash between its entities are reported to be the other major reasons behind the cripple of the brand in India.

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