“The art of silk extraction must be conserved before its too late”.


Guwahati/ 30th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): One step towards the conservation of silk worms and the art of silk-extraction, Bijoy Kumar Gogoi, an ONGC Sivsagar employee started the “Muga Art”.
An in-house institution that empowers women and encourages youth to learn the dying art of wild silk extraction.

For the process, he has even designed an extraction machine where he manually extracts the precious threads along with a team of women from the ONGC society.
“I have put a lot of thought to it, I wanted to conserve thy art and to rely on someone and wait, I chose to do it myself. It is a step towards conservation of quinesstial Assamese art of silk extraction and weaving”- Bijoy shared with Prag News.

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