India Real Time blog shut down by The Wall Street Journal


Guwahati/ 4th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): The Wall Street Journal, an US based international newspaper suddenly shuts down its India Real Time blog.

In last seven years India Real Time blog had millions of clicks which was becoming the second major US daily.

India Real Time started its journey in 2010, first started by global newspaper offers news items for Indian readers through the internet, source added.

In 2011, The New York Times a global newspaper launched ‘India Ink’ like India Real Time concept but later closed down in 2014.

Another US-based newspaper, The Daily news started ‘Desi News’ in 2012 aims mainly the Indian readers including South Asian but later close down by next year.  

Later two new media companies have launched India-specific operations in 2014. Quartz owned by Atlantic Media. Huffington Post owned by the telecom giant includes its India edition in association with The Times of India group.

The Journal also announced to shout down its China Real Time blog. Other media reported that The Wall Street Journal closing down all it print operations in Asia and Europe. But they will continue the Asian edition which is publish from Tokyo.

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