“India wants double income of the nation’s farmer by 2020


Guwahati/ 7th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi depth talks with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluded with historic way.

India and Israel signed seven key agreements in the field of space technology, agriculture and water.

Both nations setting up 40 million dollar in industrial research and technological innovation fund. Both India and Israel linked cooperation between space agencies.

They have joint development cooperation in the agriculture sector from 2018 to 2020.

Modi’s visit to Israel as India’s first Prime Minister had a successful talk with Netanyahu. India admires the success talk with Israelis in advance, innovative against the odds.

Netanyahu likened India-Israel as a big cooperation which will make a big difference is the sectors of water, agriculture and health.

Both the leaders had agreed to work together to protect and end the radicalization and terrorism including the cyber crime.

India and Israel concluded with power agreements by joint development in defence products including the transfer of technology.

On agreements in agriculture and water with Israel, India wants double income of the nation’s farmer by 2020.

The joint media stated both the nation started with ‘I’ depicts India for Israel and Israel for India.

India’s Mahindra Telephonics signed a memorandum of understanding with Shachaf Engineering of Israel production deal worth of “tens of millions of dollars,” source added.

India’s SUN Group deals with Israel’s Water-Gen for affordably extracts water from thin air.

Modi concluded Israel journey for Germany to attend the Group of 20 Summit in Hamburg.


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