Just Be friendly observed World Zoonoses Day


Guwahati/ 7th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): Just Be Friendly an animal welfare organisation observed World Zoonoses Day at Hiyaa’s clinic in Ghoramara chariali on Thursday.

Zoonoses an infectious disease of animal that can cause harm to humans as well.

JBF took an initiative drive in World Zoonoses Day by promoting awareness drive called ‘Responsible pet keepers’.

JBF volunteers visited in different animal clinics and shops to aware them about responsible guardianship.  

‘Responsible pet keepers’ is a unique campaign run in the city which brings up responsible duties for pet keepers.

The motto of the campaign is to bring problems of pets into focus which will help pet keepers to understand and to solve.

JBF in collaborating with Hiyaa’s Vet Clinic provided free health checkup camps where free Anti-Rabies Vaccination and distributed free samples of pedigree for the pets.

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