197 police injured in the G-20 protest at Germany


Guwahati/ 8th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): At least 197 police officers were injured in a clash between G-20 protesters at Hamburg in Germany.

Rote Flora (Red Flower) group played major role in the G-20 protests.

Authorities appeal others not to involve in the protests and alerted to stay away from affected areas.

Protestors united together and shouted “Welcome the Hell”.

Thousand of activists who are participating in the march were stopped by the police force by water cannons.

About 12,000 protesters gathered together outside Hamburg’s Messehallen Convention Center where World’s 20 developing nation were present in the G-20 summit.

German government provided 19,000 police officials for security in the summit. Officials banned people to enter the section.

US President Donald Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin leaders of world’s biggest nation met together for the first time in the summit.


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