Dhubri opens to new records of influx


Guwahati/ 17th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): Dhubri district like many other areas in the country shares its border with Bangladesh, has long been a pathway for smuggled livestock, products, including food items, clothes, accessories and medicines.
Incidentally, in the minority-dominated Dhubri district, which is located close to the international border has a prolonged history of illegal immigration. Recently,  Prag News discovered largescale influx into Assam from Bangladesh at the borders of Dhubri.

The absence of a “sterile zone” an initiation that is still work in progress by the State and Central government alike, the riverine boundary is exposed making it difficult to monitor the influx of illegal migrants from the neighbouring country.

The recommendation that is long due to the porosity of the 55-km stretch of the border that passes through the Brahmaputra and cannot be fenced.

In the Dhubri sector, there were 50 unfenced gaps of which 34 were culverts built for nullahs, which are now a widespread mass of barbed wire fence along the land portions in the constituency. The very gateway to the “huge” influx.


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