76 year old newspaper distributor


Guwahati/ 19th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): Generally a person officially retires at the age of sixty. But, this inspiring 76 year old gentleman sells newspapers to earn his daily bread.

If you stay in the Lumding city and if you have the habit of going for a walk in the morning, then you might have crossed this gentle man somewhere around your area.

Reportedly, the person named Makhan Lal Dutta have been selling newspapers around the Lamding city for last 50 years, while going for his regular walk in the morning every day. Irrespective of any weather this man will carry the newspapers to their destinations on time. No matter if it’s a stormy day or a Sunny day this person never misses to complete his duty.

“To lead a healthy life, the young stars should make it a habit of walking at least an hour a day from a tender age”, he said.

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