Swine flu kills three in Odisha


Guwahati/9th August’2017 (Prag News Desk): Swine flu takes away three lives this year in Odisha on Tuesday. Recently one skipped life at SCB Medical College and died in hospital at Bhubaneswar while undergoing treatment stated by health department. The first death took place at private hospital due to flu was reported on Saturday.

According to health department, recently nearly 59 swine flu cases were increased. 13 new cases have been reported on Tuesday. 13 people were tested positive from H1N1 virus at Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC), source added. Nearly 38 people were undergoing swine flu treatment and were admitted in various hospitals in the State.

The State government have directed to the hospital administration to use isolated wards for the swine flu patients. The government directed guidelines for the general public by increasing awareness drive to prevent positive measure of swine flu.


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