Banning of hazardous pesticides may reduce farmer suicide


Guwahati/ 12th August’2017 (Prag News Desk): Researchers have found that ban of hazardous pesticides may reduce suicide cases among farmers. Hazardous pesticides needed to be stop importing and sale in the market. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) self-poisoning pesticides have forced farmers to suicide nearby 14-20 per cent around the world. Mostly suicide is occurring in the rural areas in the low and middle-income countries. Researched mentioned it as a public health problem which needed to be reduced. The study done by the researchers was published in the The Lancet Global Health journal.

The study was reviewed with 27 studies and was done in 16 countries where 11 is done in high income countries and rest five done in low and middle income counties. India is also listed in the study done by the researchers. Jordan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Greece, South Korea and Taiwan were applied national bans on such pesticides and rest five countries India, Denmark, Ireland, the UK and the US where sales of harmful pesticides were restricted.


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