Indian man sentenced jail in Singapore


Guwahati/ 12th August’2017 (Prag News Desk): An Indian origin man sentenced six month jail for assaulting law in Singapore on Saturday. Ramasamy Soogumar , 59 was arrested as he was summons for smoking in unauthorised area which was against law. National Environment Agency (NEA) officer had issued Soogumar for smoking in a prohibited area. He was found smoking a cigarette and drinking beer Hougang Avenue 8 on May 30 as no smoking sign was there which he avoided. The officials wrote letter to court for Soogumar offence. Officer Gugan was beaten up by the Indian man in a vulgar way and bumped into chest and was slapped when he was questioned. Before he was sentenced jailed for six months Soogumar has been sentenced to prison earlier. Earlier he was jailed for 11 years because of disorderly behavior and using abusive language including robbery. He was released last year in June from jail.


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