Google buys health monitoring start-up of Indian-origin professor


Guwahati/ 16th August’2017 (Prag News Desk): World’s biggest search engine Google obtained Senosis Health which is founded by Indian origin. Senosis Health is a start-up founded by Indian Shwetak Patel with four others who works as a Professor in University of computer science and engineering department. Senosis Health is a health monitoring start-up which turns smartphones into medical devices to collect various health stats, source added. Function in smartphone includes accelerometer, microphone, flash and camera. Senosis have its own smartphone application which can monitor lung health and hemoglobin counts. It is one of the latest technology developed by the Indian professor Patel which allows a patient to do check up in a portable manner. Patel was honoured by New York Times for developing the health application which is marked as the top technology of the year in 2005.


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