It’s time to say “Hello Periods”


Guwahati/ 16th August’2017 (Prag News Desk): Menstruation is inevitable to every female on the planet.With the first stroke of menses a girl is bestowed with the blessing of reproduction.

Many taboos and customs are interlaced to the menstruation circle of women.

But the grey part is, even after technology has taken over the globe,taboos and superstitions regarding menstruation is still observed within many cultures and tribes around many parts of the world.

Assam is no different from others in terms of superstitions regarding menstruation.

When, many are prevented from entering temples, many are constrained inside the walls of their respective rooms during the days of menstruation every month. In some places women don’t even use sanitary napkins during the circling days.

Breaking all the cliches in regard to superstition and taboos during menses,members of “Sikun Relief Foundation”,a local NGO have come forward to create awareness among people of menstrual hygiene and toilet hygiene.

As a part of their awareness ride, SRF held a workshop on menstrual hygiene inside the premises of Tezpur Government girls higher secondary multipurpose school on 14th August.During the program an interactive session was also conducted by SRF, where the members of SRF were seen answering to many sensitive as well as unresolved menstrual related question of the students

“Sikun Relief Foundation” was founded by Mayuri Bhattacharjee,where Puja Sarkar and Pranjali Das are serving society as the project coordinator and intern of the NGO respectively.

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