“Assamese culture traces back to early Aryan civilisation”

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Guwahati/ 4th September’2017 (Prag News Desk): Assamese culture and civilization carries some distinct traits of Aryan civilization,which are barely found in any other community in the entire globe.

According to sources this very fact has come into light  after minute observation of the culture and civilization of the Assamese community by Dr. Amalendu Chakravarty, head of the Department of Bangali, Guwahati University.

During his speech in the 32nd foundation day of the Noonmanti Sahitya Sabha ,Dr. Chakraborty reveals of his discourse, diving into the life and works of 15th-century saint Srimanta Sankaradeva and how he played an inevitable role in boosting Assamese language and culture with his monumental contributions.

According to Chakrabarty, the solar centric Assamese culture took shape due to the contributions of smaller ethnic groups around the North Eastern region .

Moreover, on the very occasion senior journalist D.N Chakravarty also released a souvenir on Sahitya sabha .During his speech he said that the work of great visionary of the entire  Assamese community Anandaram Dhekial Phukan left behind his legacy to be carried away by a succeeding generation of great Assamese writers and thinkers like Lakshminath Bezbaroah, Chandra Kumar Agarwala, Kamalakanta Bhattacharya, Jyotiprasad Agarwala and Dr Banikanta Kakati.

He also appeals the young writers of the state to  contribute towards the greater Assamese culture by shaking off their lethargy and intellectual modesty.

At the end of the meeting, prizes were distributed for various literary competitions specially organised for the occasion

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