Assam daughter framing India in global platform in power lifting


Guwahati/5th September’2017 (Prag News Desk): Assam girl Aranyanee Gogoi to represent India in the upcoming Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship 2017, to be held from September 10 to 17 in South Africa.
The powerhouse from Moran will contest in the 63kg category at the games. Previously, she won the silver medal at the Asian powerlifting championship and proudly is entitled as the “Strong Woman” in Eastern India Championship under 63kg category.During an exclusive interview with Prag News, new age sports person Aranyanee Gogoi gives us a candid preview before the games.

Gaurav: When did you first experienced powerlifting?

Aranyanee:  When I was a student of 11th standard, my mother enrolled me in a gym and that’s where for the first time, I came in contact with the sports and eventually, got addicted to powerlifting.

This addiction to the sports inspired me to to take up powerlifting, professionally and since 2010, I have acquired myself a career in it.

Gaurav: Do you have any sports idol you get inspired from?

Aranyanee: My seniors are my sports idol that includes my coach who was from Madhya Pradesh and during his tenure in Dibrugarh, I got the chance to get trained by him.
That training has shaped my initial years as a player of merit.

Gaurav: What you like to do besides powerlifting?

Aranyanee: Besides power lifting I am very much interested in bike riding. I often participate in bike rallies and now a proud owner of an Enfield.

Gaurav: Share something about your early schooling days and how the journey had been till now…

Aranyanee: I have done my schooling from Naharkatiya and while pursuing graduation, got a job into the Northeast Frontier Railways.


Gaurav: In which tournament you have participated for the first time?

Aranyanee: For the first time, I participated in the district level powerlifting competition back in the year 2010.

Gaurav: Gradually, you are becoming a youth icon and you inspire girls across, how does it feel?
Aranyanee: Sports keeps us active and make us to stay healthy and fit which can also lead success and also help us to get a good job. Because sports provides lots of opportunities.

Gaurav: Are you alone from Assam representing India in the global platform?

Aranyanee: No, along with me there are four other sportsperson from Assam participating in the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship 2017.

Gaurav: When you are flying to your dreams?

Aranyanee: On September 5th I am leaving for Mumbai to the final training camp before the tournament in India.
Participants from across will join in the Mumbai camp and on September 8th, we will fly to South Africa for the Championships.


Gaurav: How much support do you receive from your official side?

Aranyanee: Northeast Frontier Railways is providing standard training which helps me a lot to learn and keep myself active with my profession. They provide me special off days during my tournaments.

Gaurav: Where you see yourself in the coming years, your big dream…?

Aranyanee: If I say about my “Big Dream”, it will be to be an International Champion and a world class powerlifter.

Gaurav: Do you follow other powerlifters from United States or else other country?

Aranyanee: I believe in my own training and every time I go for tournament I give my best.

Gaurav: How many countries are taking part in the tournament?

Aranyanee: Including India there are twelve other countries participating in the tournament. Power lifters from Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Ireland,
Pakistan, Scotland, South Africa and Wales are taking part in the tournament.


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