Manipur govt announces cash award for roller skating champion


Guwahati/7th September’2017 (Prag News Desk): Tikuck Kaisam, a limbo skater from Manipur has been able to create record of limbo skating under bars to the farthest distance recently.

The state government of Manipur announced an award of Rs 5 lac to Tikuck for making the state proud by creating record in the sport.

According to sources, in 2015 Tiluck made India proud by creating record in the Farthest Distance Limbo Skating under Bars  in New Delhi.

He covered 116 meters against the previous record of 50 metres in 31.87 seconds with cones and bars , which were set at the height of 28 cm from ground level against the required 35 cm and the gap between the bars was kept to 1.0 meter.

He covered 144.7 meters without cones and bars in 56.01 seconds in a single run.

Tiluck Keisam is the son of Keisam Ricky and Pravabati Takhellambam from Manipur.

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