ULFA(I) ridicules Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s idea of “peace talks”.


Guwahati/ 9th September’2017 (Prag News Desk):Sri Sri Ravi Shankar statement that he would hold peace talks with the United Liberation Front of Asom Independent has been ridiculed by the  (ULFA-I) vice chairman-cum-chief of staff Paresh Baruah.

He reiterated his outfit’s stand that any peace talk being held by the Indian government should have the demand for a sovereign Assam on its agenda. The ULFA(I) leader in a letter addressed to the spiritual leader described the promises made by him as ‘empty’ ones and the peace talks held by the Centre as ‘false, biased and ridiculous. He suggested that the spiritual leader should better stick to his ‘pretentious religion’ and allow ULFA(I) to continue its ‘journey to freedom.’

Paresh Baruah also stated that the spiritual leader have ‘deeply offended’ the ULFA(I) ideologies.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar expressed the optimism that he would be able to convince all ultra outfits, including ULFA(I). He claimed that he is already in touch with leaders like Paresh Baruah and that efforts are on to bridge the trust deficit between the stakeholders of the peace process. The dialogues that immensely offended the other leader who also remarked that “rehabilitation” as offensive to ULFA(I) ideologies.


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