4 girls denying child marriage awarded in Bihar


Guwahati/ 18th September’2017 (Prag News Desk): Gender Alliance’s Bandhan Tod awards has been conferred to four teen aged girls named Gudiya Kumari, Puja Kumari, Sonam Kumari and Priyanka Kumari in Bihar for their denial to family’s decision of  marriage before the age of 18.

The Gender Alliance is a collective effort of more than 270 civil society organizations, which has been working together in warding away the enrooted issues of child marriage and dowry from the state of Bihar.

During the meeting one of the awardees Puja Kumari said when her mother asked her to get married, she protested by abstaining from food and threatening her family that she would inform her school authorities about the issue.

“I refused to marry despite repeated pressure by my parents and forced them to allow me to complete my schooling. Now I will decide when to marry after completing Class 12 at least,” said Sonam, another awardee of the Bandhan Tod Awards.

Supporting the campaign, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will initiate a statewide campaign against dowry and child marriage in Bihar, which is expected to boost organisations that are working against issues related to dowry and child marriage in the Nation.


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