Illegal gambling on rise before Durga Puja.


Guwahati/ 18th September’2017 (Prag News Desk): To keep a vigilant eye on illegal gambling, lottery and teer during the festive season in the city, police from Dhula Police Station led by Amit Kr Hojai, DSP (Probationary) raided the house and campus of one Omar Ali in Keotchuba near Kharupetia on Thursday.

During the raid, huge quantity of documents including ticket receipt books and cash amounting to more than Rs 1.66 lakh were seized.
Incidentally, gambling, lottery and teer which is on the rise in many parts of Darrang district including at Mangaldai, Kharupetia, Dhula etc., and thus, the Darrang Police has also intensified drives against these illegal practices before the onset of Durga Puja.

So far, three persons have been apprehended after the raid. However, the prime accused Omar Ali is still absconding.

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