Immigrants will become majority soon: HC and SC


Guwahati/ 21st September’2017 (Prag News Desk): The Committee for Protection has expressed its concern over the threat posed by immigrants to the indigenous people of Assam. Joining in, the Supreme Court and Gauhati High Court has expressed  that illegal migration is the greatest threat to the security and identity of the people of Assam.

Besides illegal land encroachment, there are recent incidents reported of trafficking of cattle and contraceptive medicines from the border. The Gauhati High Court had pointed out the case of Md Kamaruddin, a Pakistani national who entered Assam through Bangladesh and even contested for the elections in 1996 from Jamunamukh Assembly constituency.
The Supreme Court, while scraping the controversial Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, opined that Assam was facing external aggression and internal disturbance due to large scale migration of Bangladeshi nationals.

The High Court also pointed out that the large number of Bangladeshi nationals play the role of king makers during elections for both Legislative Assembly and the Parliament. Now, this is cannot be overlooked that the larger chunks of illegal immigrants are employed in the daily chores of the State.

The corridors of power play is prominent as the Government has been unable so far to mark the territory with our immediate neighbor. Here,despite the consistent alert cases are addressed to the Centre and State Government by the Supreme Court and the Gauhati High Court , the Governments at Delhi and Dispur failed to take effective measures to deal with the problem of infiltration.
The Committee for Protection of Land Rights of the Indigenous People of Assam has sounded another warning signal for the Government. How the Central and State Governments manage to take immediate effective steps to deal with the problem willl be noticed and how by the people of Assam.

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