22 killed, 20 missing for tropical storm in Central America


Guwahati/7th October’2017 (Prag News Desk): At least 22 people killed due to tropical storm Nate in the Central American nations this week. The tropical storm hits Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras due to heavy rain. The state administration immediately declared emergency in the countries after it was reported by the National Hurricane Centre (NHC). Due to heavy storm around 20 people were reported as missing. The rescue team has started their rescue operation to find out the missing victims. It damages many houses and bridges in the countries. Due to heavy and continuous rain landslide took place and tremendous flood have blocked up the roads. In Costa Rica all the train services were cancelled and flights were suspended due to storm. Civilians from Florida to Texas of United States were directed to get prepare for the storm. It is reported as the third major storm hits in the southern coast this year.


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