“Genuine Indian citizens need not worry”- CM Sonowal


Guwahati/ 31st October’2017 (Prag News Desk): Cloud of doubt hovers over the fate of “minorities in Assam” as the D-day nears. The Supreme Court is at work and the National Register Citizenship (NRC) to be prepared by December 31.

The National Register of Citizenship (NRC) which is a methodical step to curb ‘illegal immigration’, minorities in Assam are casted by the fear of losing their citizenship given the gram panchayat certificates are considered invalid by SC.

Here, the All Assam Minorities Students Association (AAMSU) stated that the identification must not jeopardize the existence of the “genuine Indian citizens” in the State. The group also added that the statement by the Union of gram panchayat certificates may not be considered has triggered the fear.

However, speaking on the same, CM Sonowal assured that the “genuine Indians” have nothing to worry about, the method is to identify immigrants in Assam and set them back out of the National ballroom.

Since the last NRC in 1951, the Supreme Court vouched by increasing immigration into Assam, prompting the draft to be prepared by January which was later extended to December 31.
What strikes doubtfullness about the whole ordeal comes after Gauhati High Court ruled out on panchayat certificates as identification in February.

Here, organisations like AAMSU appealed to the Supreme Court against the HC verdict providing petitions in August and with a two-judge SC bench ordered the NRC coordinator in Assam, Prateek Hajela, to file a report within six weeks of the 48 lakh applicants.

The next date of this hearing is on November 15.

However, CM Sonowal pointed out the very same point of AAMSU petition that if a genuine Indian national is not recognized for any reason, the individual will have ample opportunity abided by Indian law of constitution.
He also assured that the Supreme Court is closely monitoring the procedure and is keeping the dignity of “genuine Indians” under high consideration. CM Sonowal asserted that the people of both the Brahmaputra and Barak valleys has supported the process of updating the NRC and the ones unrelenting must not affect the process with greater National interest.

“The publication of the NRC will help in protecting the interests of the Indian citizens and dealing with those identified as foreigners will be decided in the next phase a new plan of action,” he affirmed dismissing the doubts of unpreparedness of the Government post NRC is processed.

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