President of US and China discussed on N Korea nuclear crisis


Guwahati/ 9th November’2017 (Prag News Desk): US President Donald Trump arrived China to meet his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping for bilateral discussion on Wednesday. Both the leaders discussed about the North Korean nuclear crisis. The discussion took place at the Great Hall of the People. Trump said the Xi that China had the solution of it as Xi promised for the cooperation and coordination though throughout the entire matter. In his three days visits to China US leader Trump said that we have that capacity to solve the world’s problems. He also said that discussion was made in front of the excellent representatives as he believes that there is an ultimate solution after discussing North Korea. Chinese President Xi made a green signal to Trump as they were ready to work with United States with full cooperation by properly managing. Xi said that both the country will work together in North Korea nuclear missile issue and the other problems happening in the world. Both the nation has made a new starting in the field cooperation and ties.


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