Bedlam over reservation still stirring Nagaland.

Protest Nagaland
Protest Nagaland

Guwahati/Feb 11, (Prag News Desk/Monroe Gogoi): The crisis in Nagaland continues with the government still failing to win the confidence of the protesters. Governor PB Acharya in his response to the demands of the Nagaland Tribes Action Committee stated he was saddened over the death of two youth and injuries of the others in firing incidents that took place on January 31st,2017. He further promised to amend a constitution to punish the culprits.

As Nagaland burns in the protests and demands made by the Nagaland Tribes Action Committee that the CM taking down along his cabinet. This is a crucial time in the political system of the state where revolution is just an ordeal away (33% women reservation in Nagaland).

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