Pema Khandu to revive the Subansiri Dam

NHPC protest
NHPC protest

Guwahati/Feb 13, (Prag News Desk): Promising to sort out the problems in the implementation of the 2000 MW Lower Subansiri Hydroelectricity Project at Gerukamukh, border of Assam-Arunachal Pradesh.

The project went under the belt after protests put a grinding halt on it in 2011. The cause of concerns for the Government is the whopping amount of Rs 17,435 crore as of today which was around 6,285 crore in 2005.

What comes as to notice is that only if the NHPC project can be revived and restored, it will put an end to the agony over monetary loss of the company which is 10 crore per day.

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