Followed by the NYT slam, Trump resorts to condemn Kansas killing.

Trump statement on the kansas killing
Trump statement on the kansas killing

Guwahati/March 1, (Prag News Desk): Post the New York Times public slamming of Trump for staying mum over the alleged murder of the Indian engineer in Kansas, US president Donald Trump finally condemned the killing.
On his address at the Capitol Hill to the Congress on Tuesday, Trump stated, ” the country stays united in condemning hate and evil.” The attack and death of Srinivas Kuchibotla although raises the question on the security valve US has post the announcement of the immigration policies of the States.
And falling on the “not-so sensible Trump”, he proposed that a “merit-based” system in outsourcing high skilled workers into the States given the killing and his mild reaction is already upsetting to India.

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