Local Scamster stirs violence in Barpeta.

scam barpeta 1
scam barpeta 1

Guwahati/March 1, (Prashanta Pratim Dutta/Bikash Bordoloi/Prag News Desk): Making effort in harboring scams into public light, the BJP government recently formed a panel that will take probe into local scams.

Adding fuel in fire, a hoist of angry mob in Barpeta of the Xoru Khetri constituency charged against one Dhiren Nath. Currently holding the President position of the Lachima District Panchayat is alleged for misappropriation of public funds.
The irony is that these intermediate public scams are eye-doe to bigger scams and rest assured any panel will not solidify till bigger fishes catches the Nations’s fancy eye.

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