NRC regulatories followed by civil-disobedience in the State.

NRC-Assam High Court verdict
NRC-Assam High Court verdict

Guwahati/March 1, (Monroe Gogoi/Prag News Desk): A National Register of Citizens (NRC) had been playing a regulatory body in identifying legit nationals and the recent no-acknowledgement pursuit to any residency certificates or any identification by the Goan Panchayat for that matter is creating unpleasant emotions across the State.

The Guwahati High Court in most profound statement made it clear that any such certification if not cleared by the Foreigners Tribunal or the High Court for the same, the identity of the individual thus will be identified as “Foreigner”.

Illegal immigration is a continued shackle in our state for long, to which the 45 lakhs such certification already provided by the goan panchayats has only blurred the current insights to the actual number of illegal immigrants.

However, the Court will be issuing new certificates to married women so that to enable them to show linkage with their parents. This pursuit of the High Court was the reaction to the “Foreign National” case that not only brought the issue into notice but put the legislative body on brisk business.

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