Priyanka’s Assam Tourism Ad disappoints many to the core.

Priyanka Chopra Controversy
Priyanka Chopra Controversy

Guwahati/March 4, (Prag News Desk): Assam Tourism brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra pledged to promote Assam Tourism globally but her recent advertisement created quite a stir among the masses in Assam.

The ad with the tagline, “Naturally Wild, kyunki yeh Assam hai!’ was what said to be provocative for a tourism campaign and what made it worse was that Priyanka Chopra was seen attired in western clothes.

Post the Awesome Assam teaser, this ad has brought the promises made by Department of Assam Tourism and Priyanka Chopra appear nothing more than a half-baked cookie served without conviction and public courtesy.

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