The blame game takes tolls on AASU


Guwahati/March 9, (Prag News Desk): The war of words takes new tidal waves in the Silapathar uproar. The jolted Nikhil Bharat Bangali Udbastu Samannay Samiti (NBBUSS) strongly condemned the allegation of AASU.
According to Ambika Roy, general secretary of the organisation reported to the media that it was the All Assam Student Union’s activists who pelted stones at the rally participants. The ransacking of the office thus was a staged assault monitored by the AASU activists themselves.
He further added that the protests are staged nationally and the self-vandalizing by the activists of AASU is a conspiracy to divide the Bengali community and malign the organisation. NBBUSS startled Assam staging rallies in context of granting citizenship to the Hindu Bengali influx into India.

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  1. In assamese one tale is that goje has been doing by.these hindunrefugees coming to india (assam) they were given shelter looking to their distress but these unreliable people taking advantage of kind heartness and nowing they trying to dominate or undetmining hospitality of assamese people and that could happened golden hand extended by dynesty party which destroyed peaceful assam’s existance only for votebank to rule and destroy.evonomy indulging corrupt ,activities by that dynesty party and now Assam is facing advise they (refugees) need to be settled in Dandakaraynnya or somewhere on nomansland.

    • Greetings from Prag News. Thank you so much for sharing your views. We feel that the distress will continue only is civil disobedience is monitored and we as the torch bearer of our community is enlightened in understanding right from wrong.

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