The Cotton Varsity Bill gets green signal in Assembly


Guwahati/March 9, (Prag News Desk): The Cotton University Bill 2017 gets the green signal by the Assam Legislative Assembly. As the Governor gives the assent to the act, the Cotton College and the Cotton College State University will be a new varsity, the Cotton University.

In the passage of the legislation, Hemanta Biswa Sarma stated that, “It is not a takeover of Cotton College but it is an upgrade that will enable us to make Cotton College an international educational and merit institution.”

“Tezpur University MC Mihir Kanti Chadhuri will take the lead of the Cotton University. I wanted to give 500 crore grant to the upgrading, but Mr. Chadhuri said he will take the lead with a 200 crore grant. I am dreaming big and only sky is the limit.”- the Education Minister added.

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