Assam Assembly to send goodwill team to Silapathar

Silapathar Protest
Silapathar Protest

Guwahati/March 10, (Prag News Desk):Amidst heavy unrest in Silapathar, the Assam Assembly decided on sending a goodwill team to Silapathar. The goodwill team will be lead by Deputy Speaker Dilip Pal and eight other members.

Now that protests are evoked in every corner of upper and middle Assam, the goodwill team will sit with the AASU representatives and the try to peace in with the demonstrators of NBBUSS.

Later today, NBBUSS district president in Tinsukia stated that, ” We the community of Hindu Bengali people have no guardian. Being born and brought up among the Assamese community, we want peace and will stand against any disharmony created by anti-Assamese forces.”
So far, the demand of granting nationalism to the Hindu-Bengalis coming to India is creating huge uproar among the Assamese community and has resulted on heavy public property, roads gutted in protest and social unrest.

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