Rested on trust, the Subansiri Dam issue seeks solution.

NHPC protest
NHPC protest

Guwahati/March 10, (Monroe Gogoi/Prag News Desk): The Assam Assembly resorted for an early resolution to the issue of the Lower Subansiri Hydro Electricity Project with 2000 MW project.

The issue that was raised in the Assembly by BJP’s Debananda Hazarika for public importance. As participated, the other parties opinionated Assam to be a power deficit state. and to repair the same, the State must take LSHEP assistance.
Minister of State for power Pallab Lochan Das in context of the Government resolves stated that 56 percent of the NHPC project is completed and the recommendations of the expert committee regarding the dam safety is also instilled.

Here, it is interesting that India doesn’t share any water sharing treaty with China thus barring the usage of the resource from China is to be advocated too and sooner.

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